Primed for the future

A full fibre home connected to FibreNation has everyone watching their favourite clips and films, getting social, gaming, using smart hubs, sharing content and more – on any device, any time.

We’re reaching out to a nation that doesn’t just want quick, it wants speed of light.

Pure fibre makes this happen, so whenever we’re on your street you know we’re working fast to deliver a better future for life on the internet.

Your fibre future

FTTP or Fibre to the Premises is created with fibre optic. Our network comes straight from our exchange so there’s no gaps, no cabinet buffers – and no more copper wires. Just reliable, resilient fibre-optic – delivered by us to you.

Mega or Giga?

Speed of light. We’re bringing gigabit-capable connections (1000Mbps+) home for the nation.

Working for you

On your street. Wherever we work, we’ve got the teams and tools to get it done with minimal disruption.

Pure innovation

Innovation for all. We use the latest technology to install your fibre connection as quickly as we can.


We’re driving up quality. FibreNation’s reliable full fibre connection comes straight from our exchange to you at home or work, on any device – all over the UK.