Updated 24th April 2020

COVID-19 presents a host of challenges for all of us and there is much uncertainty because what we are experiencing is unprecedented in modern times. However, the team at FibreNation are working hard to limit the impact on society, the economy, our employees, our contractors/suppliers and the general public. We’re closely following updated UK Government advice and implementing this into all areas of our business activities.

Telecommunications is a critical infrastructure and is vitally important in keeping the country connected and functioning during this difficult period.  The industry is seeing unprecedented demand at present and we are doing our best to keep operations normal and maintain our supply to meet this demand.

However, FibreNation’s top priority is the health and safety and wellbeing of all the people that we come into contact with as we go about our business; while ensuring our services, build activities and relationships continue as normal wherever possible.

Here’s what we’re doing at present

Our People

We’re following all government guidance and ensuring regular communication with our people.  We’re asking office-based staff to work from home, wherever possible.  This covers approximately two thirds of our employees.  Where people’s roles do not allow them to work from home, we’re actively working with them to ensure appropriate safety measures are taken and they can work as flexibly as possible.

In line with Government guidance, we’ve identified our key workers in business-critical roles and are working with them to ensure they’re fully supported in these challenging times.

Our people’s safety and well-being remain our utmost priority.

The General Public

We are part of the Telecommunications Industry and the work that we do in building, supporting and maintaining the national communications network has been identified by Government as being of vital importance and that this work must continue despite the challenges associated with COVID-19. Our teams that work in the streets and roads of our cities and towns have been classified as key workers and they are working on critical infrastructure that is essential to allow people to continue to work at home whilst remaining safe during this enforced period of isolation. We will ensure that we abide by the Government guidelines that are in force for all Key Workers and, of course, the public’s safety is of paramount importance to us. Our people and our contractors are doing challenging work under very difficult conditions, but they understand the importance of this in keeping our towns, cities and the nation connected.

Our Operations and Installations

We are striving to maintain our network, to ensure any service issues are addressed and resolved quickly so that our Customers can continue to be connected.

We are regularly updating our employees with the government’s guidelines on health and safety advice and we have implemented travel and site restrictions which keep our staff and the public safe but also allow us to carry out our work. We are adhering to the government guidance on self-isolation if staff feel unwell and ensuring all healthy workers follow social-distancing advice.

We have been in contact with the necessary authorities and areas we work in and our installation and maintenance engineers will be undertaking the following:

Our installation and maintenance teams are still completing their work for customers, with continued vigilance on current Health and Safety advice from the Government

We are contacting customers before entering and will not attend if the household is self-isolating, or if there is anyone infected or showing symptoms

We will analyse the situation and carry out our work if we can complete the work within the 2m social distancing rules

If this can be achieved, we will not undertake the final physical sign off to say work is complete, but our engineers will verbally ask customers if they are happy with the completed work

If Customers are at all worried or concerned over the engineers visit at this time, then we can re-arrange for a later date

Our Construction and Partners

Construction activities are being maintained but with tighter controls to protect staff and the general public.

Our field engineering and construction teams are working with local authorities to maintain site operations.  The majority of our construction activity is outdoors and current Government guidance on social distancing can be maintained.  The local authorities are all doing their best to support telecommunications, and other utilities, to keep sites active and safe for staff and members of the general public.