The next utility

We’re driven by technology, building a network for the nation. A network that works now, and drives the future. A future where we’re delivering powerful, resilient full fibre where lags, dropouts and downtime are a thing of the past.

What is FTTP?

FTTP or Fibre to the Premises is created with fibre optic. It doesn’t degrade like copper, making for better performance all round.

Our network comes straight from the exchange so there’s no gaps, no cabinet buffers – and no more copper wires. Just reliable, resilient fibre-optic – delivered by us to you.

Building smarter for the nation

But full fibre means more than just downloads and data, it’s key to our connected lives. At work, at home, how we live today.

We’ve already started creating smarter cities, and are behind the success of the first Gigabit city in York, where broadband speeds are the highest in the UK.

We know that local digital economies increase the health and wealth of the towns and cities where we live. Encouraging entrepreneurship, allowing people to create better, smarter connections helps the nation grow.

We’re not just building for now, we’re safeguarding the future. For a future of smart homes, smart business and smart cities. We’re building a network for a better quality of life. From seamless transport options to energy-saving ones, how we communicate, light our homes, and even park our cars. The strength of our fibre network keeps everyone’s world running smarter.

Gigabit-capable, unlimited capacity

Speed of light. We believe gigabit-capable connections (1000Mbps+) are right for the nation.

Digital economy

For brighter digital futures. From start-ups to businesses in the local economy, it makes business sense to access full fibre in your area. If you’re in a town or city and want to know more email:


We work with stakeholders and local authorities every step of the way to bring our full fibre network to your area, with minimal disruption.

Expert delivery

Learn more about the FibreNation team speeding us towards a brighter, full fibre future.